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Tennessee Salvage Yards

If you’re looking for an auto part in Tennessee or a surrounding state, you’ve come to the right place! is a one-stop salvage shop. Simply enter your automobile’s year, make, and model to search our database of spare alternators, bumpers, fuel injectors, and more. One search will yield results from salvage shops across Tennessee and the southeastern United States. With thousands of cars coming in after the federal government's Cash for Clunkers program, inventories have never been greater!

Tennessee auto wreckers and recyclers

Once you’ve identified a regional recycler who has your auto part on hand, you can choose between having the item shipped and collecting it yourself. The process will be quick and easy. Since modern salvage yards must adhere to strict government standards, they maintain well-documented and well-organized inventories. Requested parts can typically be obtained immediately. In that sense, buying from an auto wrecker is just like shopping at a retail store that sells new parts. An advantage of our auto wrecker database is the wide range of inventory it includes: parts for domestic and foreign cars, and classic and new vehicles.

Find used parts the smart way

As the slow economy challenges most of us to cut costs, it’s especially important to save on big-ticket items such as auto parts. Dealerships often charge prohibitively high fees for new parts. Of course, new parts aren’t a necessity – and that’s how is able to provide a service. We link customers to affordable used parts for their vehicles. We search high and low, from Memphis to Bristol and beyond state lines, in order to find the best deals. If an auto part is currently offered on eBay, our one quick search will reveal that, too.

You can also search our site for salvage shops in your neighborhood. Click on the “Tennessee Salvage Yards” link to find dozens of Tennessee cities. Links take you to the names, addresses, and phone numbers of local auto salvage yards.

Tips for purchasing used parts

Know the make, model, and year of your car. It might be important to know how many cylinders your engine has, how many doors your car has, and whether your vehicle is a standard or deluxe model. Having this information on hand will help you or a helpful 1-800 agent find the right replacement auto part.

Before you buy, find out about a shop’s return policy. In most cases, you should be able to try the part before agreeing to keep it.

If the auto part you’re purchasing could be harmed by the elements, ask if the part was removed when the vehicle was first received. If it was not, then it might have been stored outdoors with the vehicle and therefore exposed to natural elements. Ask if it is rusted or shows other signs of damage.

When purchasing certain auto parts, such as engines and transmissions, insist on receiving a vehicle history report.